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Future Quest is a community based accelerator for high impact climate projects leveraging web3. Quests are public good projects that help fix our future. Start-ups, non profits and moonshots. Our community helps get them funded, staffed and built.

The impact of a submitted Quest needs to be eventually measurable in CO2e, however it doesn’t need to be purely a carbon sequestration/prevention project.

The $1M Grant Pool applications are now closed (as of Dec 7th 2022) but you can still submit your project for a possible next round of funding and acceleration through the Future Quest platform.

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To submit a Quest Proposal you need to be holding a Mighty Dragon of Regen NFT.
The good news is, they’re only about $2 (price might change) and allow for access to our community and are the first to be invited to the coming
Future Quest app and platform. Dragons stick together🐲🤝🐲.

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