You are here early - and just in time to make maximum difference where it matters most.

Quests are public good projects that help fix our future. Start-ups, non profits and moonshots. Our community helps get them funded, staffed and built. Below you can find some of those our community are already working on.

The quests we pick for early pilot are diverse, ambitious but totally possible to achieve together. Remember, Future Quest started in August 2022 and it’s still very early, join to make history. Our future needs you. We’re all going to fix it together.

First Quests

Click Join to access a quest’s welcoming team on Discord. They will probably ask some questions to find you the best fit for a particular quest.

test questActive
Suriname Carbon Economy QUEST
Utilizing the bio economy of standing forests to halt deforestation. Suriname will be the model country for the transformation.
test questActive
Bringing an entire climate impact DAO into the Future Quest structure as a proof of concept for future activity.
test questUpcoming
The first of its kind 4-month long youth leadership program aimed at educating low-income students on climate issues through hands-on workshops from industry experts.
test questUpcoming
Greenwashing is the biggest problem to tackle in ESG investing now. We need a global standard of reporting with unified tracking and accountability.
test questUpcoming
1% of net worth at scale is enough to assure we cool down the planet. Built on our experience with the OneForDemocracy project, which raised $200M+.
test questShipped!
Earth Day Bot
When a company tweets about Earth Day we share their analyzed climate pledges. Our first 1 week baby quest. Let's make every day an Earth Day.

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