You are here early - and just in time to make maximum difference where it matters most.

Quests are public good projects that help fix our future. Start-ups, non profits and moonshots. Our community helps get them funded, staffed and built. Below you can find some of those our community are already working on.

The quests we pick for early pilot are diverse, ambitious but totally possible to achieve together. Remember, Future Quest started in August 2022 and it’s still very early, join to make history. Our future needs you. We’re all going to fix it together.


Quests are public good projects that help fix our future: startups, nonprofits, and moonshots.

Our community helps them get funded, staffed, and built.

Climate Pledge Earth Day Bot
When a company tweets about Earth Day, we check and share their analyzed climate pledge.
Grant Pool Recipientactive
New Atlantis
An ocean regeneration project that makes marine biodiversity an investable asset class.
Bringing an entire climate impact DAO into the Future Quest structure as a proof of concept.
Grant Pool Recipientactive
Eco Labs
Reduce friction in Proof of Impact and on-boarding.
Grant Pool Recipientactive
Bringing Solar to Web3.
Talent Fills/Bountyactive
Action App by Henk Rogers
An app that enables people to create environmental Actions and rewards individuals for actions taken.
Grant Pool Recipientactive
Proof of Zero
Because ‘Net Zero’ must be trusted.
Talent Fills/Bountyactive
Symantic Studio (AI Video Series with BMW Foundation)
Kurzgesagt for climate: a communication vehicle for climate related issues.
Grant Pool Recipientactive
AI streamlined pre-certified nature-based decarbonization projects with product integration enabled.
Grant Pool Recipientactive
Ecorise DAO
Community data-backed treasury powered by aggregated natural capital data of landowners.
Grant Pool Recipientactive
Impact Arcade
Carbon-sequestering game that makes carbon reduction fun.
Grant Pool Recipientactive
Digital Gaia
dTwins (digital twins) for global impact assessment, verification, and validation.
Grant Pool Recipientactive
BioTara (Brainforest)
Protect and restore 20 million hectares of forests to provide food resources for communities.
Grant Pool Recipientactive
Toolkit for local communities to launch currencies backed by natural capital assets.
Grant Pool Recipientactive
Carbon P3
Protecting 1000 hectares of land in the Dominican Republic with 10 million mangroves.
Grant Pool Recipientactive
Channeling institutional capital into future carbon projects through tokenization.
Grant Pool Recipientactive
Global participation in wildlife reserve ownership.
Grant Pool Recipientactive
Beach Collective
Micro pilots to implement climate action based currencies and economy.

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