your anxiety about the future is real.

we feel it too.

it feels like the final hour.

but all is not lost.

there is light on the horizon.

we can make the changes we need to survive.

just imagine all of us coming together.

equipped by the knowledge of what we can do to help.

supported by a community dedicated to action.

Together, our joint forces can change the future.

piece by piece.

quest by quest.

and we can be rewarded for our action.

after all, fortune favors the brave.

so cast your fear aside.

our future quest begins.

are you one of us?


join us

join the community

All is not lost 

save 8 million species
What is our mission?

Help our civilization become sustainable through accelerating and funding numerous highly-vetted impact Quests and empowering those who support them.

How can I join?

The best way to stay informed on the developments is to join our discord here.

The best way to become a part of the community is to buy a Vanguard NFT or attend Future Horizon, our IRL gathering - and stay tuned as some special drops will follow.

Here are some ideas for contribution:

  • Community Member
    • Join a vibrant, active, forward-thinking community of change makers.
  • Quest Leader
    • Organize your project within our community. Get others to help you make a big difference. Token rewards available.
  • Advisor
    • Help us shape the highest impact initiative web3 has seen. Token rewards available.
  • Communicator
    • Help us spread the word as a partner or influencer. Token rewards and airdrops available.
  • Community Manager
    • Help moderate and engage our community. Token rewards available.
  • Project Manager
    • Help keep Quests on track. You’ll be piloting the role of an “oracle” - a project manager in a decentralized mesh.
  • Moderator
    • Help scale our Discord as a means to make engagement and community accessible and safe. Rewards available. Values alignment and knowledge of subject matter necessary.
  • Partner
    • Our eco-system is only as good as our partnerships. We love to brainstorm.
  • ???
    • If you have additional ideas and want to contribute we are always open to saving the planet collaboratively!
When is the Vanguard minting?

We being with the mighty Dragon of Regen NFT this summer. 5,555 series will be minted for free.

The Dragon will be followed by 98 unique Vanguard species, sold OTC to selected members (contact us) and then in public auction starting Q3 or Q4 2022.

Are the Vanguards a Security?

Vanguards have not been approved or disapproved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, any state by securities commission in the Unites States, or by any other global regulatory authority.

By design, Vanguards are a Utility NFT. It is your entry into an elite group of members all ready to help save the world.

How many Vanguards are there?

As the most powerful protectors of the Vanguards there will be a limited supply of 99. After initial pre-sale only one new member will be welcomed, per week.

However we will also offer ways to get involved in our NFTs for much wider part of our community. Some surprises to come.

What is a Quest?

Our mission is to empower people to launch and support for-profit and non-profit solutions, which we call “master quests”. Within these, various tasks can be performed, we call these “quests”. Each quest has a bounty — in other words, offers a reward for completing it.

Proposed quest types:

  • Project
  • Campaign
  • Startup
  • Non-profit
  • Task
  • Game
  • Event
  • and more...

Ultimately the Future Quest community will drive the types and structure of Quests.

Our community’s first experimental Quests are already live. We don’t yet have the full platform, but the community is already making a difference!

What is the 10x10?

Once we finalize initial setup of the structure and first steps of the fundraise, we will launch the 10x10 program. Future Quest will fund, accelerate and/or incubate one selected “Master Quest” per month over the course of 10 months. This enables fine tuning of the overall process and provide insights to augment the platform to meet our impact goals.

The 10x10 program will include non-profit, web3 for-profit and traditional for-profit organizations.

Who is involved already?

We have a stellar list of partners, please see our website and our Twitter for any announcements.

Can I join if I'm not focused on Climate?

Yes absolutely. We are building a global community of friends making a difference, if you feel right among us, you’re probably one of us. And there’s much more to our Theory of Change than just direct climate work.

Best to meet our community on Discord.

How can I invest?

We will have several opportunities to get involved. The earlier, the higher the token multiplier offered. If interested, please add your information here and we’ll be happy to share more details and meet to discuss.

But doesn’t Blockchain contribute to climate change?

Blockchain technology can require immense amounts of energy, which can contribute to emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses, since most of energy grids are still powered by fossil fuels.

However — there are numerous ways to mitigate this problem, from using energy-efficient chains to leveraging effective offsetting.

Since Future Quest DAO exists to help solve the climate change crisis, we commit to carbon-negative operations across our organization.

We are in conversations with several potential technology platforms, and will soon determine the exact chain we will use to build the DAO and run its operations.

We are also working closely with partners in the space (PlanA, TrueCarbon, Toucan, and more) to determine the most effective approaches to offsetting.

Other questions

You can find more information in these resources: